LED Lighting Market

LED Lighting Market - LTD
We are a specialized LED Lighting wholesale supplier, who offers te following LED products:
LED Bulbs
LED Spotlights
LED Downlights
LED Strip Lights
LED Floodlight
LED Controllers
LED Torch

We offer special offers for every type of business.

Shops with minimum initial stock load of £1,000.

Companies, which offer electricians services

Online Shops – we offer a dropship service, which is sending our products directly to your clients with your brand name and company logo on them, on behalf of you.

Affiliate partners – advertise our products on your website, and you will get a percentage of every sale realized through your site.

We have a wide variety of products in stock, so we can dispatch them at the day of the payment confirmation.

We deliver our products on the territory of the UK, and depending on the courier, the delivery takes up to 3 work days.

If you want to receive our price list, and a special offer for your specific business, please fill out the offer request form below.

LED Lighting Market is UK LED Lighting Supplier

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