LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Lights - a Modern Type of Lighting

LED Strip Lights are a relatively new type of lighting
option. These types of lights are much different from the light bulbs most people know about. That is because LED lights are not like incandescent type of light bulbs. They are also not like the more modern florescent curled tube light bulbs.

LED lights do not need any heat to emit light. The movement of electrons through semiconductor material produces the light they provide. Because of this type of light production the resulting light it bright, lasts much longer and uses a significantly lower amount of energy. This is a major benefit of this type of lighting.

The term LED stands for light emitting diode and when a series of LED are placed in a strip shaped fashion, they are referred to as LED Strip Lights. Some of the places you may have seen LED light tape on the floors of airplanes, on emergency vehicles and for hallways to indicate emergency evacuation routes out of buildings. Because of the fact that strip lights are easy to install, give off a good amount of light and use less electricity, many people are starting to use these in their homes for sources of lights.

There are several types of LED Strip Lights. One type is rigid and rather inflexible. They are called LED strip bars. This is the preferred type of LED lights where defined straight lighting is required. These are great for use under kitchen cabinets because they provide great light for kitchen-counter working areas. They also are available with strong adhesive backing to make installation quite simple and fast.

Another type of LED Ribbon Lighting is flexible and bendable. They can be wrapped around counter tops, furniture or even corners in a room. Some designers use them to provide lighting under certain types of furniture or framing important doors in a home or business.

To try LED Strip Lights it is best to purchase a few different types first. Try them out in various places in the home or office before buying anyone type in great quantity.

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